Freedom is dear to all people but its importance can only be felt by those who have spent time in jail even for a single day. The desperation on the face of the people looking forward to get out of the jail is mostly experienced by the bail bondsman Houston Tx. They offer to act as the surety of the accused for their immediate release. They handle all the paperwork related with posting bail bonds in the court in an efficient and time bound manner.
People get arrested by police on ground of various types of crime which can be very grave as well as very light. The negative elements in the society are regular offenders of law and are regularly awarded jail terms. People are also booked by police on the grounds of suspicion irrespective of the fact whether they have committed crime or not. People can also be booked if the authority feels that a certain individual or a group may pose threat to the peaceful environment of the society. They are also booked for minor offence such as speeding, vehicle accidents, street fights and drunken brawl.
It becomes very painful for those people who are wrongly booked to remain in jail. Even the genuine offenders have the right to defend themselves and cannot be said to be guilty unless proved in court during trial. But the accused people should not be punished and spending time in jail even before the trial is equivalent to being punished. So, the court has made provision of releasing the people on jail provided they give a guarantee to appear in the court on the day of the trial as fixed by the judge. The bail is backed by money or its equivalent to ensure that the accused does not elopes from the eyes of the court. The amount of bail amount depends upon the severity of the court. The judge also sees that releasing an accused does not affect the ongoing investigation on the case and there is no threat of the evidence being compromised. This option also helps in efficient jail administration without getting over filled. The police also can devote their valuable time in going after serious offenders, rather than those with flimsy reasons. The court also sees to it that the accused person is given the chance to perform its duties towards the family who can be dependent upon him till final conviction or acquittal. It also gives these people time to arrange for lawyers.
For many people who are accused in any criminal case, paying the bail amount is difficult, given their poor financial condition or the refusal of the friends and relatives to offer their help. Bail Bondsman Houston Tx, help these people by offering to act as their surety. They understand the pain and effort that goes in arranging bail bond for their loved ones. They help the family in distress by taking over the complete responsibility to get their member out of jail in shortest time possible. They complete all the paperwork required for posting the bail. Bail bondsman acts as the surety for the defendant and agrees to pay the bail amount to the court in the event of the accused failing to appear in the court on the specified date and time. The bondsmen are usually backed by insurance companies. They charge a fixed amount of fee for offering their services. The normal rate varies anywhere between 10-20% of the total bail amount. Their fee is for the risk they are taking in getting the accused out of jail and ensuring their appearance in the court for trial. They may also ask the accused or his family to pledge anything for security and they have legal rights to recover their amount. They also have the freedom to get hold of the defendant in case they jump bail and bring them to the court to recover their amount.

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