Know More About The Warrant Search of Harris County, Texas

Although the fourth amendment law of United States Constitution allows the law enforcement officers to conduct a search or seizure against any validly issued warrant then it also protects the privacy and safety of people, their houses, papers and effects against any kind of unreasonable search or seizure. And it is for this reason only the all the valid warrant search in Harris County Texas need a support of probable cause with an affirmation or oath on affidavit which can describe the proof of existence of probable cause with a description of person/place or thing that is needed to be searched and examined by the law enforcement officer.

And even after strong guidelines that have been described clearly in the fourth amendment of the U.S constitution, people often get confused when any law enforcement officer came to search for them or for their home, property, papers and other belongings. And it I because of this reason only that often these legal searches leave their houses ripped and things get confiscated. Thus, it is very important for the common man to know about their rights and warrant searches.

First and foremost thing that everybody should know is that as soon as they face any kind of warrant, they should immediately look out for a legal representation on their behalf. Whether it is an arrest or your home/business get subjected to a legal search warrant; make sure to seek a legal representation so that whole case can be reviewed fairly under legal observation. To get an honest and thorough evaluation of your case it is highly recommended to seek the service of best Houston Search warrant lawyers. And if not hiring then by merely By seeking the help of experienced legal counsel can help against any unlawful practice.

Although there are many situations in which the police or the law enforcement officer is free to conduct a search or seize without the requisition of a warrant but then many a time even the warrant can be invalid. If it is a situation of

  • hot pursuit or
  • In case of protection of someone’s life or property or
  • In stop and frisk case etc

There is no pre-requisition of a warrant. Apart from above-mentioned situations, there are many other cases too in which there is no requisition of the search warrant.

Besides this, sometimes even the search warrants can be invalid. Thus, it is very necessary to check their validity before actually allowing the legal officer to conduct a search. In case of:

  • Lack of probable cause,
  • Application without affirmation or oath affidavit
  • Unspecified person, property or thing
  • False statements, and
  • Other criminal procedure error

The warrant search is considered to be invalid and as a citizen of U.S, you own the right to oppose the legal search. Also remember, if any evidence is found without a valid warrant search in Harris County Texas then even that can be suppressed and rejected in court.

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