Bail bond companies work on the premise that they will pay the whole amount of the court if the defendant fails to appear in the court for hearing. The bail bondsman gives an undertaking to the court for full payment of the bail amount in case of defendant jumps bail. They run the risk of losing a lot if the bail amount is very high and the defendant is prone to jumping bail. Hence, the bail bond companies check the profile of the defendants before posting bail on their behalf or ask for collateral to cover their risk. They charge 10% of the bail amount for taking this risk. Severe crime have higher bail amount so the bail bond companies gets to make a lot of money in serious cases but they also involve very risk. The court allows some time to the bail bond companies to get hold of their defendant and bring them to court to save their bail amount from getting confiscated forever. Harris County Inmate Search helps bail bondsman by tracking the skippers and bringing them to court.
Some of the bail bond companies have their own inmate search division comprising of trained and experienced bail enforcers and many bail enforcers work independently. Different states have different rules regarding the roles and jurisdiction of the bail enforcers. Some of the state completely prohibits the functioning of bail enforcers while others have different set of rules and guidelines. What is applicable to all is that the bail enforcers must have the necessary training to act in this role and they can use firearms only with valid license. They must be registered in the state where they operate. They also need to have the registration of the other states if the skipper trail leads to other states.
The critics in the society are divided over the use of bail enforcers. While some considers them to be supplementing the task of the police and the legal system, others consider them as threat to the society and completely not required when police system is already in place. However, Harris County Inmate Search plays an important role in the whole bail bond system.
Many people get thrilled by the very idea of tracking convicts and earning handsome amount in short duration. The reality is very far from the image created by the movies and serials based on them. Most of the cases relates to financial domain and small time petty cases. The serious convicts or criminals who pose danger to the society are usually not granted bail. Tracking down absconding defendants proves to be very tedious job and involves devoting lot of time. The success rate is very low and the money they make is not very high. It happens only with just fortunate few who are able to close cases with very high bond amount. The usual fee of the bail enforcing agents is a fixed percenTage of the bail amount.
They enjoy privileges more than a police official. They are allowed to break into any house where they are sure that the skipper is in hiding. They just need a copy of the bail bond to make arrest formally. They can also take the help of the local police in going ahead with the arrest. They are not allowed to use violence and arms while making arrest. The only exception to the use of violence and arms is for self protection.

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