According to the industry statistics, bail bond companies make good profit out of commission charged from the accused or their families to help them secure the release. These companies are usually backed by financial institutions and insurance companies. They ask for collateral to post bail bond for the accused. Still, their business is a very risky proposition since the accused may run away to escape punishment from the court. So, they need to know the background of the accused before helping them in getting bailed out. Harris County Inmate Search program helps in locating and bringing the fugitives to the court.
The defendants jumping bail is not uncommon. They are those accused who have committed serious crimes or are regular offenders of law. They know very well that they will definitely get convicted. So, they consider escaping the clutches of law to be the best decision. On the absence of the accused for trial, the court confiscates the bond amount from the bail bond company. The bail bond company has the right to go after the fugitives and bring them to court so that they can recover their bond amount paid to the court. Usually, the court gives them six months time to bring back the fugitives. Harris County Inmate Search helps in getting hold of the fugitives. They use qualified and trained professionals for this purpose. Not everyone can be employed to find and catch the fugitives. These people are commonly known as bounty hunters as it is a very risky job and they get to earn the award or fixed remuneration applicable for each case.
The use of bounty hunters is a very debatable issue and the opinion differs from community to community. The power invested in them is above that of the law officers. They have full freedom to take any action in the process of finding the accused. This is the reason why all the states have their own set of rules and regulation for the bounty hunters. The bounty hunters or the recovery agents must have basic training and license to take up this job.
They must be trained in civil and criminal laws to understand the nuances of the case they are dealing with. They must have proper knowledge regarding state statutes related to bail regulation, constitutional law, civil liability and contracts. They must know the civil rights of the detained person and the procedure to be followed to surrender the defendants to the custody and producing them in court. They must have a fair understanding of the power of the bail bond agents and basic principles to identify and locate defendants.
They must be trained in firearm from Criminal Justice Training Commission and also know to use other tools. Training in use of physical and verbal force, safety techniques, entering and searching building and premises, defensive tactics, application of restrains and handcuffs and ways to transport prisoners including those who are violent and emotionally challenged. They must also ensure that they abide by the laws of the state in which they are making arrest.
Before taking up the job, they need to submit proof of training in field operation completed within six years as required by the municipal, state or federal law enforcement agency.

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