Profit making bail bond services is a flourishing business in any county or state. The profit they make is from the risk they take to get the law offenders out of prison on bail. They also take the responsibility of ensuring the presence of the defendant in the court for scheduled hearing. However, many accused often jump bail putting the bond posted for their release under default status. It becomes the responsibility of the person or the bail bond company, who has posted bond to get the accused back to prison. This is where Harris County Inmate Search helps a great deal.
Not everyone can afford to pay the bond money upfront. So, they take help of bail bondsman who charges a certain percenTage of bond money as their fee as per the rule in specific state. So, whenever any accused fails to appear in court and are find missing, they have the option to find the accused and bring them to police to be sent back to prison. Else, their money will be forfeited by the court.
The bail bond agents have the full right to find and arrest the accused to save their money. The law gives them almost free hand in dealing with the absconders. They have authority even greater than the local police. According to the contract of the bail bond, the defendant agrees getting arrested by the Harris county Inmate Search agents by waiving off all of their rights.
They only require a copy of the bail or use the certified copy of the bind to arrest the defendant. Despite the excessive rights enjoyed by the agents, they also have to follow the rules and regulation of the state and they are also required to act in a responsible manner and not endanger the life of the civilians. Different states have different rules for the search agents. Some of the state requires them to have the necessary license for the hob and may other states need them to be registered in the state. Many states simply prohibit bail arrests. They require court orders and the judge asks the local police to make arrest. The fugitives however can be taken on remand by the agent on request. The agents cannot take the case outside USA.
The Harris County Inmate Search agents are trained enough to follow the rules and guidelines of the job. They have the right to enter the home of the fugitive or any premise where he is hiding only after ensuring his presence. They cannot enter the homes of friends and families to search for the fugitives. Since they are dealing with law offenders, they must be trained for dealing in dangerous activities. Chasing criminals is a dangerous work. They must have the necessary training and possession of firearms or other types of usual weapons. Most of the bail skippers are not violent criminals a they will not be given bail by the judge on the first hand. Mostly threat and intimidation works to arrest them. They cannot handle the fugitives roughly as no prison will accept them in the form of a liability if they have broken bones or ribs. They also have no right to kill them. The court only permits them to capture the fugitives in a lawful way. It becomes a different case if they kill the fugitive in an effort to save themselves on being attacked.
The job of the recovery agents is very grueling and time consuming. It requires them to travel long distance and to many places. The company pays for their expense apart from their remuneration.

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