It is not uncommon for the people to skip bail irrespective of the severity of the crime. Most of the accused miss their court appearance due to unavoidable situation but there are some who try to go into hiding to miss getting sentenced. Most of them move to unknown destination where locating them and making arrest seems very difficult. The bail bond companies either employ their own resource or hire the services of recognized recovery agents to secure their bond money. Harris County Inmate search helps in finding such absconders to bring them to the court for delivering justice.
People have different views regarding the use of recovery agents who are commonly known as bounty hunters. The critics of the system opine that the use of recovery agents or bounty hunters was given legitimacy in 1872 by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Taylor vs. Taintor. But the situation was quite different then. The police departments and sheriff’s offices were not enough to chase criminals especially when the western states had just begun to settle down after the civil war. But in modern times, when there are enough resources that are equipped with modern gadgets for surveillance, there is no need of fugitive recovery agents, whether they are from the bail bond companies or freelance professionals. But, irrespective of the views held by the critics, Harris County Inmate search is very helpful in locating the fugitives and bringing them to the court.
It is one of the professions which have been glamorized by the Hollywood movies. They are shown to be very adventurous and thrilling, full of action and gun fight. The bounty they get to earn is also very handsome. But the ground realities are very different than what is being shown in the movies. There is a definite thrill and some sense of adventure associated with the task involved, as it deals in law offenders who also may be dangerous criminals. But the job is not as easy as it is portrayed. It requires the agents to travel extensively and be away from their families. Their life is always in danger due to their confrontation in adverse situations. The most difficult part of their job is to find their exact location. The compensation given to the fugitive hunters is anything between 10-20% of the bail bond value. The companies may or may not offer to cover their expense in the search operation. They have the right to claim for their expenses from the party or the bail bond company involved. Also, these people do not get to earn anything if they fail to get hold of the fugitive and make arrest.
The most common perception of the job to offer a high level of adventure and adrenaline rush is a myth to a large extent. It may be partially true in exceptional cases. Majority of the skippers of the bail bonds are from civil cases and not criminal cases. The bail bond amount is not very high for the agents to make a fortune believed by many. For criminal or serious cases, the bond money is definitely very high and the bail bond companies usually ask for collateral for posting bond. If the crime is serious, then the judge rejects any request for bail or else the bail is offered with lots of condition which makes the accused impossible to run away from the court.
So, the task cut out for the Harris County Inmate Search is very challenging as well as very taxing to the mind and body of the agents. They have to work in adverse conditions and unknown territories. Despite their training and certification, they have to deal with different laws as most of the states have different laws for the agents.

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