Being booked by the police and having to spend time in jail is a nerve wrecking experience. A person can be booked under law for crimes or felonies committed either intentionally or intentionally. The person once booked can walk out of jail only if he is acquitted by the court. But the court trials takes very long time to come to the conclusion to allow proper investigation to take place and also give time to the defendant to plead his case. No person can be kept in jail for a long time unless he is convicted or the court thinks that he is a threat to the society and those involved in the case and there are chances of him influencing the case and tampering the evidence. Hence, Harris County bail bonds help to secure the release of the accused till he is finally convicted or accused from the court. They offer all types of bails and provide all the necessary consulting to the accused and his family and help them to tide over this tragic moment.
Spending time in jail is a nightmare everyone would like to avoid. For the individual, it is the moment that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Also, it is the family members who have to suffer a lot and become desperate in a bid to get him out of the jail at any cost. To help such families and the accused, Harris County bail bond services are available round the clock for immediate release of the accused from the jail. One can simply give a call to the bail bond service provider with all the necessary details such as the name of the accused, nature of the crime, jail and the city name, date of arrest and amount of the bail. They process the bond in person as well as over the phone. The bail bond agent will visit the jail official and post the bail bond and get the accused released. One must however take care of few things before availing the services of bail bond agents. Posting of surety or cash bond can only be done by a licensed bail bond company. So, check and verify their license and identification before moving ahead with the process. Most of the bail bond companies charge fixed amount of 10% of the bail amount as their fee which is non-refundable in case of acquittal by the court. The charge may vary from state to state but they are legal rates as approved and fixed by the state insurance department. Some company may ask for additional charges to cover their expense for food and gas. One must always ask for itemized bill. Many companies offer financing options which must be carefully understood and must not be availed if one is not sure of making the payments. One must carefully read all the documents and understand their terms and agreements such as their position in regards to the collateral. One does not pay for the bond but for the service they provide. Ensure that the agent will always be available even when the bail bond has been posted. The accused gets released from the jail when the jail officials receive the bail ticket. The liability of the bond ends when the accused has made his appearance before the court for trial. In case the accused fails to appear before the court, the accused or the surety can appear before the court and apply for fresh bail bond if there was a valid reason for not appearing in the court on specified date and time. The accused can be represented in court by a lawyer to complete the formalities. It is up to the court to decide on issuing a fresh bail bond or forfeit the bail, amount as specified in the bond. The bail bond service company also has the right to recover his money from the accused. They can forfeit the collateral if provided or else get hold of the accused and present him in the court.

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