The first and the foremost thought of a person landing in jail is to find ways of coming out of it as soon as possible. No one would like to spend even a single moment in the jail. Even the thought of spending time in jail can fill a person with dreadful feelings, especially for the first timers. It is no joke that quite often innocent people do get booked for crime which they have not committed or are being detained just on the basis of suspicion. Harris County bail bonds help every booked criminal to get out of jail by providing them the service of their bail bonds. For them, everyone is innocent till they are proven guilty in court.
When any person is arrested by the police for any offence, they take their statement of the event, record their personal details, confiscate their personal belongings and put in jail till the time they are brought to the judge. But people can apply for bail instead of waiting to meet the judge who can take a day or two and even more, depending upon the situation. The bail amount for the release of the accused is decided by the judge. To make the process more efficient and consume less time, most jails are provided with standard bail schedule. The bail amount for moderate or lighter offence is fixed, which can be paid as bail amount for the immediate release of the accused. If the bail amount is very high for the defendant to pay, they can request for lowering the bail amount in special bail hearing or when the defendant is presented in the court for the first time.
The option to pay bail for release is not designed to raise funds for the government. It is used to ensure that the accused appear in the court on the given date and time and not abscond from the clutches of law. To ensure that this provision is not used to exploit people, the eighth amendment of the U.S. constitution requires the bail to not be excessive. The bail amount must not be high enough to not give opportunity the option of getting release from the jail and also it should not be so low that it is taken very lightly by the offenders. The motive of the bail is to allow the accused to remain free till convicted for the crime. It also ensures his return to the court for trial. The bail comes with various conditions, violation of which the accused can get arrested again and put in jail. The condition of bail depends upon the crime for which the suspect has been arrested.
In the eventuality of the accused not able to pay the bail amount can get help of Harris bail bonds. A bail bond is the guarantee issued by the bail bond company to take responsibility of the appearance of the accused in court for trial on the scheduled date and time. The family or relative of the accused can call the company and the experienced person will take up all the formalities to apply for bail bond and post the same in the designated court. Harris County Bail Bond Company has very efficient and dedicated staff members who work day and night to help the accused to get out of jail as soon as possible. One only needs to provide few details as name of the accused, date of arrest, the location of the police station and the jail in which he has been put. The rest of the work is done by the company. They charge a fixed amount for rendering their service which can vary between 10-20% of the bail amount. They not only apply for bail but also remain in touch with the family members and provide them with all the updates. The family has the right to contact them for any news regarding the case.

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