No one would like to spend a single day in jail or let their loved ones to face jail terms. Even a single day spent in jail can do lot of damage to the self esteem of the people. The mental agony faced by them leaves an indelible mark for the rest of their life. People often get suspected for small offence which happens due to heat of the moment and mostly for fun by the youngsters such as traffic tickets, drugs, street brawl and small time felony. The instances of false implication are also very common. Harris County bail bond services are of great help in getting your loved ones get out of jail. Bail bond services are available round the clock and all day of the week. The bail bond services are very efficient and quick. One just need to make them a call and provide the necessary details, they directly meet in the jail and help in setting up the procedure for immediate release on bail.
It is indeed very painful to see your loved ones spending their time in jail even if they are innocently implicated in false cases or have been arrested for small time charges. Upon getting arrested, the suspect has to be in jail till the time he is brought to the court for setting up the charges to start the trial. The magistrate or the judge finalizes the date for the commencement of the trial. Till the time the trial starts, the accused can either request for bail or else he will have to spend the time in jail. The provision of bail bond has been provided to not let the accused remain in jail unless the trial gets over and the sentence has been awarded by the judge. Bail bond is a written promise signed by the accused and surety to ensure that the accused will appear in the court for trial on the specified date and time. Usually, the accused are granted bail depending upon the severity of the crime committed. If the judge feels that the crime committed is not very serious and temporary release of the suspect poses no problem to the community and will not affect the case, then bail is granted very easily. In case the crime is of very serious nature and there is threat to the evidence related to the case which may hinder proper investigation or else the judge feels that the suspect may pose threat to the people of the community, bail is denied and the suspect has to remain in prison till final hearing and sentencing. The purpose of the bail bond is to release the suspect so that he can continue to support its family and take care of the financial concerns of his home
Harris County bail bond service offer all types of bail to the accused. The most important and widely used bail is bail bond. A bail bond is backed by a surety and hence, they are also known as surety bond. The accused and the surety sign a written promise to pay the bail amount to the court if the accused fails to appear in the court on the scheduled date and time. They are very commonly used as most of the accused are not in a position to pay the bail amount. The accused can take help of his friends or relatives to sign the bail bond. In case, the accused has no one to help, they can also avail the services of bail bondman to apply for the bail. The bail agents are backed by a special insurance company who pledges to pay the whole amount if the accused does not appear in court. The event of accused not appearing in the court is known as skipping or jumping the bail. Most of the agents charge 10% of the bail amount to pledge for the bond. Usually, the bail bond agents ask for collateral from the accused to sign the bail bond. They can have recourse to the collateral in the event of accused jumping the bail. The agents have the provision of the law to catch the accused and bring him to court and book him for trial so that he can recover the bond amount.

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