There is nothing much left that can be done” – seems to be the thought of the people who refuse to offer their help I getting their known to come out of the jail on bail. The reason being the risk involved and not being sure if the person in concern is really guilty of the crime for which police has taken him into custody. But, it should not be a cause for worry by the accused and his family. They can take help from commercial bail bondman Houston Tx for immediate release from jail. They offer to act as surety for the release of the accused.
When a person gets booked for any offence, irrespective of the severity of the crime, they have the provision to be released from the jail by providing guarantee to the court that they will appear in the court for trial on the scheduled date and time. The court feels that no one can be punished unless proven guilty by the court. The criminal case can take days to come to the court for trial and hearing. Also, it takes a lot of time for any court cases to reach the final verdict by the judge. So, not being under control of the administration, there is great risk of the accused to go into hiding to escape punishment. The accused may also act as a barrier to the ongoing investigation and also work towards compromising the evidence and threatening the witness.
Therefore, lot of factors is taken into consideration before deciding to grant bail to the accused or not. The decision of granting bail lies with the judge. The bail is meant to ensure the attendance of the accused in the court for hearing. The bail can be secured or unsecured which depends upon the nature of the crime. The accused can be set free directly by the police for very minor offence such as breaking the traffic law. The traffic police in such case will not take the accused into custody but will issue a ticket to appear in the court for hearing. The accused can also be released on their own recognizance. They only need to sign a promise to appear in the court and there is no need to post bail. The defendant can request the judge to be released on their own recognizance. In case of denial by the judge, they can ask for low amount bail. Release by own recognizance is awarded when the accused has no criminal background, has dependant family in the community, is in regular employment and has always appeared in court having been charged.
The secured bail is one in which the defendant has to pay the bail amount directly to the court for their release. They are also known as cash bail or simply bail. The amount gets recovered once they have fulfilled their duty. Bail by no means is an instrument to raise funds from the government. People also post property bail in which property is kept as lien to ensure their appearance in court. In case the defendant is not able to pay the amount set for bail, they can take help from bail bondsman Houston Tx. They charge a commission of 10-20% of the total bond amount and undertake the complete responsibility for securing the release of the accused and complete all related formalities. Bail bondsman signs a bond which declares that they will pay the bond amount in case the accused jumps bail.

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