It is not a regular affair for the common people to attend to the court matters and understand the complex ways of the court. It is only on dire needs that one gets to deal in court issues. Dealing with the bail process is one aspect of the court related matters which is required by the family, friends or relatives of the accused who has been arrested for a crime irrespective of its severity. In such situation, people usually become emotionally vulnerable to take any decision. Bail bondsman Houston Tx proves to be very efficient in helping them in such an emotionally charged circumstance.
It is very common for the people to not know the working of the bail bonds process if they have not come to the other side of the law. If you need to get someone released from jail who has been booked for any offence, then you must call the bail bondsman Houston Tx and get relieved from all tensions. However you must have certain information for the bail bondsman to work upon. Bail bondsman is the agent of the bail bond company. You will need to know the city name or the location where the person has been taken into custody and also the name of the jail where he has been put up and also the full name of the person and the booking number in jail. This information will help the bail bondsman to get all the relevant details for posting the bail bond.
The accused can be released from jail in different ways. You can post cash bond by paying the stipulated amount of cash for the bond in court or jail. The bond money gets refunded when the defendant appears in the court. In case the bond amount is high, you can offer to keep your property as lien with the court. This is known as property bond in which the value of the property must be at least 150% of the value of the bond. The lien on the property will be removed by the court once the accused has made his appearance in the court for trial on the given date. Or, the judge can allow the defendant to be released on their own recognizance. They must give in writing to the court that they will adhere to the court order and appear before the court when said.
Apart from the above mentioned ways, you can also use bail bondsman Houston Tx. Bail bondsman gives a surety to the court that the accused will appear in the court, failing which they will pay the stipulated bond amount to the court. The bail bondsman has to pay small percenTage of the bond amount to the court to secure bail for his client. The bail bondsmen have a setting with the jail authorities and sheriff’s office. They can even request for blanket bond from the authority. They ask for collateral to cover their risk.
In case the accused to fail to come to court for hearing either intentionally or unintentionally, the bond is considered to be in default. The person who has posted the bond will lose his all the money or the collateral used. In case of surety bond, the court will inform the default status of the bond. However, the court shows some leniency and gives a time frame to the bail bond company to turn the accused in. The usual grace period is of 90 days. The court will then issue arrest warrant in the name of the accused. Failure of the accused to come to the court within the given time frame will lead to court forfeiting the bond amount or the collateral used.

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