The experience of spending time in jail can be very traumatic for people who have been arrested and charged for an offence for the first time. It is a different case for someone who is a regular offender and serving jail term is common. The jail is full of criminals who are serving their sentence for crimes of different degree of severity. The jail inmates can be common people who have indulged in minor offence or psychopaths who have committed either grave robbery or taken life. Spending time surrounded by criminal minds can be very threatening to them. Bail Bondsman Houston Tx helps the accused to get released on bail in shortest time available, so that the accused do not have to spend much time in jail and undergo the trauma of being surrounded by hard core criminals.
It is said that criminals are not born. Not everyone who has been booked for an offence is criminal from the core of his heart. Quite often, it is the circumstance which forces them to commit a crime. People also get implicated on the assumption of suspected crime or their involvement in unknowingly helping a criminal or inciting any criminal activity or breaking the law. Sometime, people break law and get involved in criminal activities of frivolous type. They may be breaking traffic laws, drunken driving, street fights, causing disturbance in the community or deliberate attempt to mock the law by young people for fun. They are either given a ticket appear in the court for very minor offence or taken under police custody.
In police custody, all the paperwork is completed. They record all the personal information of the accused and detailed information on the alleged crime. Policemen conduct a criminal background check. Mug shots and fingerprints are recorded and personal belongings are seized to be returned on release. It becomes very necessary for the accused to get released from the jail as soon as possible. They are always in threat from other hardcore criminals in the jail. They face the risk of being attacked by other jail inmates who can hurt them or cause serious injury. They also run the risk of revealing the information on the case with other people or police official which can be used against them. They can also be pressurized by the police officers to give statements which can be used in the court. Hence, it is very necessary to get out of the jail as soon as possible and escape the trauma associated with spending time in prison. The accused are either kept in city jail or county jail. The accused can get the release letter within 15 minutes to an hour in the city jail and 2 to 8 hours in county jails, but within 48 hours. They can take the help of bail bondsman Houston Tx any time of the day to help them in posting bail.
The accused can directly pay the bail amount or post bail bond for small offence for which the bail amount is fixed. It is not necessary to appear in front of the judge. However, in cases related to serious crime, the accused has to be produced before the judge or the magistrate within 48 hours of the arrest. In order to keep the accused in prison for long hours to obtain information, police makes arrest on Friday so that they get enough time to question them before producing them to the judge. Getting arrested on Friday delays the release as the courts are closed on Saturday and the court opens on Monday. In such cases the custody time crosses the 48 hours limitation. However, bail bondsman Houston Tx helps the accused and their family members to secure the release papers as soon as they land in jail. They have vast experience in dealing with all types of situation in securing the bail of the accused put in prison, irrespective of whether they have committed the crime or not and also the nature of the crime. For them, the accused is not guilty unless proven in court.

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