An Insight View of The CSCD of Harris County

Like every other state, even the Harris County has its own, complete and dedicated department of community supervision and corrections. The CSCD (community supervision and corrections department) of Harris county works to make the community safer with fewer victims by using such evidence-based strategies that help the individuals to supervise the community as a whole to eliminate all kind of future criminal behavior thereby becoming more productive citizens. From providing information on inmate search in harris county to putting special court sessions; this department runs various programs to make sure that the community resides in peace and security.

And you will be amazed to know that even the CSCD has its own set of values which comprises of:

  • Respect

The institute holds complete respect for all the citizens of Harris County. They hold a belief that states that everyone has the right to dignity and respect which should not be harmed unnecessarily.

  • Knowledge

The department is always working towards making a community that has the better learning environment that can encourage better professional growth.

  • Ability to change

Believe it or not, but the institute also believes in the power of change. They recognize that every person has the capability to change irrespective of their past.

  • Collaboration

To meet the holistic needs of their clients, the CSCD is open to collaborating with their community stakeholders too. The Institute understands that collaborations can help in addressing issues in the better way.


Undoubtedly, the department works with complete loyalty integrity to do the right thing for the right reason. And they hold 100% excellence in their work which ensures that no compromises are made with the high standards. This is something which should always be appreciated.


Handling issues related to administrative liability, case laws, accreditation standards, support to professional behaviors and other written policies and procedures; the CSCD agency of Harris County need to produce a clear and concise directive that can ensure protection to the public, safety to their staff and security of the offenders. So, it can be said that most of the modern correction operations run on the ground of the well-written policies and procedures which ensures:

  • That our staff is hired to train well and is equipped well to support our methodologies. They are mentored in such a way that they hold the highest professional standards.
  • That the entire fiscal practices and outcome-oriented strategies are planned and implemented effectively.
  • An active participation and involvement of the department in developing an effective criminal justice policy.
  • Apart from this all, we also make sure all the society offenders remain in our supervision and are provided with the best humane and protective custodial care thereby giving them the best rehabilitative opportunities which can also assist them in their reentry to the community and the society.


Whether it is the issue related to inmate search in Harris County or any other correctional department related work, the CSCD make sure to do it with complete integrity and excellence.

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